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Low Pressure Farrow Blasting

Cleaner than Conventional Sand Blasting in Lancashire

This system is ideal for a diverse range of industries as it allows a single, versatile cleaning or blasting system to operate in a variety of applications from fine, easily damaged or detailed work to heavy blasting.

We operate our Low Pressure Farrow Sand Blasting throughout the UK. Many Stone building around Lancashire especially in Burnley, Colne, Skipton & Barrowford had traditionally been sandblasted to hard. Our Low Pressure Wet Sand Blasting unit is much more gentle that Sandblasting, it is also cleaner.


Low Pressure Sand Blasting

Consider These Benefits of using the Farrow System

The Farrow System has the best environmental and work place health and safety credentials available, utilizing a 100% clean and safe media along with low blast pressures.

Traditional water blasters use approximately 20 liters of our precious commodity every minute. This water, along with contaminants from the surface being cleaned, is then dispersed in large volumes into our environment. The Farrow System uses as little as 0.5 liters of water per minute, dramatically reducing the clean up liability.

Dry Sand Blasting causes severe dust problems which in turn create significant health issues. Such Dry Sand Blasting Lancashire systems should only be used in suitable blast enclosures. The media usage from traditional Sand Blasting techniques can be as high as 500kg per hour. With the remarkable Farrow System your media usage is reduced to as little as 30kg per hour, which, when mixed and absorbed with the small quantity of water, greatly reduces any environmental risk and simplifies clean up. This saves you time and money.


Consider All These Applications

The versatility of The Farrow System will allow removal of surface coatings from most substrates including aluminum, timber, steel, fibreglass, rubber, brick, masonry, concrete, granite, marble, ceramics, terracotta, brass, plastic and in some circumstances has even removed ink from paper.

The portability of the system allows a unit to be maneuvered into virtually any location further enhancing its versatility.

When it comes to cleaning the Farrow System is able to remove graffiti from any surface, remove rust and other oxidants from boats, cars, mining equipment, machinery, jetty pylons in marine parks, marine anti-foul and other substances such as old varnish from timbers, black tar, grime, mould, scale, soot and salts from any industrial or commercial applications.


Super Heated Thermal Cleaning

"Doff" Cleaning

Doff is a steam based stone cleaning system. It’s unlike any other steam system and can achieve temperatures 150°C at the nozzle end. The operator is able to vary the temperature and pressure to remove either many types of paint or biological matter.


What can DOFF be used for?

The steam/superheated water will remove moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter and will also kill off spores. This means there’s then no need to use a chemical biocide during the removal process or as a protection against further biological activity.


How does it work?

DOFF cleans stonework and masonry using high temperature steam. When the temperature in the system is high the pressure on the surface being cleaned is very gentle and the volume of water is low. The surface is therefore not saturated and will be dry within minutes.


Super Heated Thermal Cleaning (Doff)

On the project below we used our SHTC to cleaning Accrington Towm Hall. The Town Hall at Accrington had not been cleaned for many years. It was part of Diamond Jubilee, the Queen watched the gurkas from the balcomy of Accrington Town Hall.

We have recentley cleaning a 3 storey building in Rossendale Nr Bacup, again we used our SHTC building cleaning system. The buildings in Rossendale Valley, Lancashire are mostly stone built.


Specialist Stone Cleaning using Doff System

"Doff" & Wet Blasting Stonework

Specialist Stone Cleaning at Burnley Train Station

Burnley, Lancashire

July 2013

Client: CBE Ltd

Sandblasting Cast Iron Memorial Water Fountain

Sandblasting Memorial Fountain

Specialist Cast Iron Metal Cleaning

Burnley, Lancashire

December 2013

Client: CBE Ltd

Doff Cleaning Stonework

"Doff" Thermal Cleaning Stonework

Stone Cleaning Accrington Town Hall, Lancashire

Accrington, Lancashire

April 2012

Client: Hydeburn Council

Sandblasting Dustless Paint removal Brickwork Lancashire

Dustless Sandblasting Paint Removal

Low Pressure Blast Cleaning Brickwork on Listed Building

Preston, Lancashire

August 2012

Client: Private

Blasting Cleaning Timber Doors

Dustless Sandblasting Dirt Removal

Low Pressure Blast Cleaning Timber Barn Doors

Nr Skipton, Yorkshire

August 2012

Client: Private



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