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Natwest Bank Clitheroe  
Natwest Bank Clitheroe  
Stone Window Head Decay  
Bad Stone Masonry Repair  
Stone String Course Damage  
Stonemasonry Damage  
Stonemasonry Damage to String Course  
Repairs on Stone Bank for Stonemason  
Decaying Stone Ashlar Blocks  
Damaged Stone Orial  
Ashlar Stone Decay  
Scaffolding around Bank  
Stonemasons removing Cement based mortar  
Doff Cleaning Stone Building  
Doff Steam Cleaning Stone Building  
Stonemasons Lime Pointing  
Doff Cleaning Bank  
Lime Pointing  
damaged Stone Orial  
Plastic Repair to Ashlar Stone Blocks using Lithomix  
Lithomix Repair to Ashlar Stonework  
Stonemasons repaired Stone Orial  
Lime Pointing  
Lime Pointing  
Masonry Repairs  
Plastic Stone Repair  
String Course after Stonemasons Indent  
Indented Stone String Course  
Stone Replacement String Course  
New Indent String Course  
Restoration to Bank Stonework  
Bank Stonework Restoration Contractors  


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