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House before extension

House Extension Burnley, Lancashire

On this project our client required us to construct a new stone extension to this terrace property in Burnley, Lancashire. The property is a stone built terrace probably around 1890. A side wall to the rear of the building had to be removed. The stone needed to be re-used to build the new house extension.

Our experienced team of house extension contractor completed the project in just 8 weeks. A new kitchen extension was formed on the ground floor and a new bedroom extension to the 1st floor.

Scaffolding being erected for house extension

One of the first jobs on the house extension was to demolish the existing stone garden wall. all the stone was stored on site for the building of the house extension. We then excavated the wall foundations and cast new concrete foundations to build the new house extension on.

The foundation blockwork was then installed. at just below ground level we starting building the stonework.

A scaffolding tower was erected to the existing stone elevation. This was used to dismantle the stonework's & windows sets. We had to demolish down to the ground level because we needed the existing stone door set for the new house extension.

Blockwork for house extension

The new house extension blockwork was constructed on the foundations. We also erected a access scaffold for the building work on the house extension.

UK Restoration Services can undertake general building work as well as restoration projects. Our team of builder have built many house extensions & other buildings. We cover all areas of the the UK but also work locally in Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Manchester.

Blockwork on house extension

The exiting internal wall of the house wall left in place while the new house extension was constructed. We used the existing stone window and door set on the new house extension. When our builders are on site building house extensions we normally use our own kwikstage scaffolding.

The blockwork will now have a 60mm cavity insulation placed on the external ties in place with retaining clips attached to the wall ties. All joints on the cavity insulation will be taped with silver tape.

House Extension

New rear door on the house extension. We have toothed out the rear stone wall, this will allow use to bond the new house extension stonework.

The ground level floor joist of the house extension have been built into the new extension blockwork. A new steel beam had to be used to install the 1 st joist.

Installing steel beams

Here you can see the newly installed steel beam to take the first floor timber joist. We have also install a wall plate on to the new house extension blockwork. Joist hanger nailed to the wall plate will support the new floor.

New concrete door and window lintels installed.

Installing floor joist
New timber 1st floor installed in the house extension in Burnley, Lancashire. We have also installed a steel beam to support the floor. Block pillars at either end of the house extension support the steel beam. We put in concrete pad stone on top of the block pillars to spread the weight of the beam.

On the 1st floor of the new house extension. The wall plate on top of the blockwork have been installed and ties down with steel wall straps. New roof rafters installed. The roof has been slated with blue slates to match the existing roof.

The blockwork has been tied to the existing stonework using wall starter ties. These are stainless steel so wont rust. They allow movement between the existing house and the new house extension.

Stonework on house extension
Here we have built the external blockwork under the stone step. This is the original stone step from the original house.
House extension stonework

Builders have started stonework on the house extension. A 60mm cavity insulation was installed to the blockwork. The cavity insulation was held in place with retaining clips attached to the wall ties. We used a standard sand and cement mix for building the extension, this is because lime mortar does not have the strength for cavity construction.


Building house extension

We made up some timber template frames for the windows and doors. These make it easy to install the stone windows and door jarms.

As with the rear elevation our builders toothed out he existing stonework & bonded the new stonework by course.

Roofing house extension
House Extension being constructed, building up the stonework of the external elevation. The stone window & door sets have been installed.
House Extension
House Extension in Burnley, Lancashire. If you need a builder for building house extension please get in touch.


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