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Industrial Building Contractor - Building Dog Boarding Kennels in Burnley, Lancashire

On this project we has to erect a new steel frame building, construct new insulated blockwork wall, concrete to floor areas & outside runs, install waste treatment tank, under floor heating & build new offices.

The existing site was used as a round bale store. We removed 7 8cu yd skips of bale wrap to clear the site before we could mark out for the new steel framed building.

The site for the new kennel building had previously been excavated into the hillside. This excavated pit made the location ideal, as the area experiences high winds. The sunken store pit made the ideal shelter for the new kennel building.

The kennel building will house up to 50 dogs at anyone time. The building was specified to a very high standard. This was to include under floor heating, cavity insulation & composite roof panels.

Once the site area had been cleared of the old debris for the farm, the location of the steel frame building was marked out onto the floor. We had no problems with ground conditions as the site was already 3 meters below ground level. Also there is a quarry on the farm located around 1/4 of a mile away.


We excavated the ring foundation for the steel frame building. The base was concreted in 2 sections.


Once the exact location of the building was located. we excavated the foundation for the steel frame building. The building will be drilled and resin anchored to the foundations.

The foundations have been enlarged where the stanchion legs of the steel frame building will sit.

Our builders used around 30 cu meter of concrete for the building foundations.

All the excavated material was tipped in the local quarry as fill material.

We used a 5 ton excavator to dig the footings of the steel building, a tractor and tipping trailer was used to more the spoil.

The Steel Frame Building was then resin anchored to the concrete footings. The building was designed to industrial specification & also galvanized the steel frame for longevity.

As you can see the weather did not help with the erection of the steel frame building. We used a teleporter and a cherry picker to erect the main building.

Our builders used 4" concrete blockwork to build out of the footings to floor level. The cavity at this level was filled with concrete. We used steel Z perlins for the roof area, these will later take the composite roofing sheets. Our building contractors used a standard sand cement mortar for laying the blockwork.

Installing composite roofing sheets. These sheets have a 100mm insulation sandwiched between the top corrugation and smooth under layer.

Erect of the roofing panels was needed so the floor of the kennel building could be concreted.

Once all the perimeter blockwork has been laid by our builders, we filled the centre will a strong concrete mix. This will stop the blockwork collapsing.

We then graded the floor area and installed a crushed hardcore sub base. This was laid and compacted in layers.

We then blinded the sub base hardcore with sand to protect the visqueen membrane form being punctured. A 2 drainage channels were installed down the length of the building. These channels are to be used draining away waste. At a later stage in the project we piped up the drainage channel to the waste treatment tank.

The drainage channels were installed on a bed of concrete and leveled with a laser level. This had to be done due to prevent the channels from floating when we cast the concrete floors.

We used a local volumatric concrete supplier for the concrete floors. The floors were concreted in 3 sections between the drainage channels.

The centre channel was cast level. The two side floors had a 30mm fall to the centre drainage channels. The concrete had to be left 20mm low of the channels to allow for the floor tiles.

Kennel building with concrete floor slab cast. The floors have 100mm of PIR insulation below the concrete. At a later stage electric under floor heating will be installed.

The concrete floor was allowed to harden for 10 days before we added weight

Once the concrete floor had hardened, we used the teleporter to load packs of 4" concrete block.

Our builders spent 3 weeks laying the 4" concrete block. The builders built up the internal walls first, before starting on the external walls. The construction of the wall is two 4" concrete block with a 50mm cavity & 50mm cavity slab insulation.


The new kennel building starting to take form. The steel frame building is now completed. Our building contractors are building the internal blockwork of the kennels.

The blockwork had to be neat & tidy as all the blockwork will be on show. So all the joints of the blockwork had to be filled & jointed.

Our building contractors used wooden profiles to form the openings of the outside dog runs. A pre-cast concrete lintel was installed over the opening.


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