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Front Elevation of Listed Building in Warwickshire where we under took Brickwork Repairs & Crack Stitching

Brickwork Restoration on Listed Building in Warwickshire

This project involved brick stitching movement cracks using traditional Lime Mortar. The house also had over 80 joist ties installed.

We started work in June 2011 and completed in July 2011. The replacement bricks had to be sourced from a local reclamation yard to match the existing.

Large Crack in Brickwork on Listed Building One of the external cracks in the Brickwork on the external walls. This large brickwork crack had extended the full height of the 1st floor on the rear elevation.
Crack in Brickwork Another large brickwork crack in the gable elevation. Around 14 cracks needed attention on this property, all to be brick stitched. We have removed the split bricks from the crack, these will be replaced with locally sourced reclaimed brick.
Restoration Contractor removing cement pointing on Listed Building Removing lime mortar from brick joint. We only use hand tools on listed buildings to avoid damaging masonry units.
Brick Replacement on Listed Building Some of these old handmade bricks had started to weather on the face. These bricks had to be turned or replaced with reclaimed. We used Lime Mortar to re-bed the bricks.
Brickwork over chimney decayed The original brickwork on this listed building in Warwickshire had decayed and suffered from movement over the years.
Large Crack in Brickwork to repaired by Brick Stitching This brickwork crack had moved over 25mm. The bricks on both sides of the crack had to be removed. These were replaced with reclaimed bricks, the crack is then bonded together.
Brickwork Restoration Contractor removing Lime Mortar from Brickwork Crack Here we are cleaning out the crack in the brickwork to inspect the damage. Once the brickwork crack had been cleaned out the bricks were carefully removed.
Brickwork Repaired on Listed Building using Reclaimed Bricks & Lime Mortar We have used a Hydraulic Lime mortar for bedding the brick, the Lime Pointing on the Brickwork is also a Hydraulic Lime. Here you can see where we have replaced the (blown) bricks. The Brickwork had previously been Pointed with cement based mortar, this had caused the bricks to Decay.
Lime Mortar used to repair Brickwork on Listed Building We rebuilt the Brickwork over this old chimney, the Brickwork had become loose. The original Lime Mortar had decayed leaving the bricks loose.
Lime Pointing Brickwork on Listed Building after Crack Stitching & Brick Replacement Brickwork cracks repaired with Lime Mortar and Brickwork Replacement, using Hydraulic Lime Mortar for Lime Pointing Brickwork.
Lime Pointing on Brickwork using Hydraulic Lime Mortar Brick Replacement on Gable Wall using Lime Mortar
Lime Pointing Brickwork Cracks in Brickwork bonded together using Lime Mortar, there is a total of 3 Brickwork cracks repaired on this photo.
Brick Replacement on Lime Pointing Brickwork cracks repaired using Lime Mortar. We used Reclaimed bricks to match original Brickwork.
Lime Pointing Brickwork after Crack Stitching Lime Pointing Brickwork on Listed Building.
Repairing Gable Wall on Listed Building Crack repaired on Gable Elevation using Hydraulic Lime Mortar.
Listed Building after Restoration Work to Brickwork Front Elevation of Listed Building in Warwickshire.


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