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Stone Wall to be taken down and rebuilt with Lime Mortar

Building Stone Wall on Listed Building in Rochdale, Manchester

On this project we rebuilt a Listed Stone Wall in Rochdale, Manchester. The stone wall had leaned to one side by 130mm over the height. The lower internal section of the stone wall is built of random rubble, the other sections are course stone work. We used a Lime Mortar for Building & Pointing the wall.

Stone Wall leaning and subsiding There had been a contractor prior to our start. This shows the wall before we commenced work.
New Stone Wall being built with Lime Mortar in Rochdale Manchester The conservation officer would only let us take down 1m of stone wall at a time.
Showing how much the Stone Wall has moved Here you can see the lean on the stone wall. The original Lime Mortar on the wall had decayed due to the cement pointing on the Stonework. We managed to salvage all the original stone only bringing in a small amount of random rubble stonework.
Restoration Contractor building Stone Wall using Lime Mortar

We used a Lime Mortar to build the Stone Wall, this was a Hydraulic Lime Mortar. The stone wall was also pointed with lime mortar, this lime pointing was then gentle beaten into the stone work. The centre of the stone wall was filled with rubble & lime, we also installed stainless steel wall ties.

Building Stone Wall with Lime Mortar When using Lime Mortar for re-building Stone walls it is only possible to build a small amount at any one time. We would spend one day building the front wall & another on the back Stone Wall.
Random Rubble Stone Wall being built with Lime Mortar The Lime Mortar used for building the Stone Wall will allow the wall the expand, this will stop cracks in the wall. When building the Stone Wall with sand & cement the wall becomes one mass solid structure that will not move.
Stone Wall with Lime Pointing Here we have built about half of the Stone Wall. You can see how the old wall has subsided and moved over time.
Restoration of Stonewall using Lime Mortar As you can see we matched the Stone Courses to the existing stonework.
Here we are using Lime Mortar on the Stonework in Manchester, we are using a string line to level the Stone Courses. The Lime Mortar we used was a Hydraulic Lime Mortar mixed with a local sand.
Building Wall using Lime Mortar It is important to use Safety PPE when using Lime Mortar, here our Restoration Contractor is using gloves & long sleeve jumper. The Lime Mortar burns the skin after long exposure.
B uild back Stone wall The inside Stone Wall is built with random rubble to the first 1m, the rest is coursed punched faced Stone.
Building Stone Wall in Rochdale Manchester using Lime Mortar We just imported about 1sqm of stone to complete the building work.
Lime Pointing Stone Wall in Rochdale Manchester Here we are using a brush to finish the Lime Pointing. The Lime Pointing was a Hydraulic Lime Mortar. We used plastic and Hessian sheets to cover the Lime Pointing
Stone Wall rebuilt Manchester Rear Stone Wall completed, Stone wall pointed with Lime Pointing.
Stone Wall Built with Lime Mortar and Lime Pointed Stone Wall re-built in Rochdale Manchester, using a Hydraulic Lime Mortar. This project took 3 weeks to complete.


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