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Lime Plasterers Lime Plastering Cottage in Cumbria

Lime Plasterers working on Cottage in Cumbria

On this project in Boot, Eskdale,Cumbria our Lime Plasterers used a NHL Lime Plaster to plaster a 1760 Cottage. The Cottage had gone through a complete Restoration. We Lime Plastered the entire Cottage from top to bottom.

The property can be viewed and booked on: www.cardenhistoriccottages.com/church-house-eskdale


Base Coat Lime Plaster This is the dubbing out coat of Lime Plaster our Lime Plasterers applied to the stone cottage walls. This first coat of Lime Plaster was then scored to create a good bond between coats of Lime Plaster. The Cottage is constructed of local Lime Stone.
Base Coat Lime Plaster in Cumbria We used a NHL Lime Plaster for Lime Plastering the Cottage walls. With the Stone walls on the Cottage being so uneven our Lime Plasterers had to apply 3, 4, 5 & even 6 coats of Lime Plaster. We offer services throughout Cumbria & the Lake District for Lime Plastering, our Lime Plasterers are highly skilled.
Lime Plasterers Kitchen area of the Cottage having the 2nd base coat of Lime Plaster applied by our skilled Lime Plasterers. These stone walls still have another base coat then a Top Coat Lime Plaster.
Lime Plastering Second base coat Lime Plaster again in the Kitchen. These coat of Lime Plaster will be scored to create a good bond between coats.
Lime Plastering Cottage in Cumbria Third base coat of Lime Plaster.
Holiday Cottage in Cumbria External view of cottage before completion. Our Lime Plasterers worked on the project for 6 weeks Lime Plastering most of the internal stone walls.


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