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Lime Plasterers, Lime Plastering Infill Panels on Grade 2 Listed Oak Frame Building in Salford Manchester

On this project our client required us to Lime Plaster the internal walls of this Grade 2 Listed Timber Frame Building. The property has undergone large scale Restoration on the Oak Frame, the old brick infill's have been replaced with Sheep wool & Herakith fibre panels.

We use a Hydraulic Lime Plaster on the panels. A 2 coat system was adopted for the plastering.



This Grade 2 Listed Building in Salford Manchester dates back to 1730. With the building being grade 2 listed all repairs had to be like for like or better.

The Lime Plaster we used for Lime Plastering will allow the Listed Building to breathe. Now condensation will be more controlled in the property. Also any damp or potential Rising Damp in the Listed Building in Manchester will be allowed to evaporate through the Lime Plaster.

Lime Plaster can be applied on all types of backgrounds including Brick, Stone, Plaster Board (with additive), Slate, Straw etc. If the wall is level and does not need dubbing out a 3 coat Lime Plaster system is typically used.

Lime plaster in most buildings from the 18th century onwards was applied in three
coats, which enabled a flat finish to be achieved. In agricultural buildings two coats of
plaster are common, or even one single coat may be found where an undulating
surface was acceptable. Similarly, pre-18th century buildings often have undulating
plaster finishes, and this usually indicates that fewer than three coats were used.
Before embarking on any plastering project it is worth assessing the number of coats
used originally and/or the quality of finish required. On the basis that three-coat work
is the most common in historic buildings, it is best to understand how to apply this
and then reduce to two or one coats where appropriate.

Once the Lime Plaster had been applied the plaster was allowed to set for 2 weeks before being painted with a Earthborn Clay Paint.

The external panels on the Listed Building in Manchester are to be Lime Rendered in the spring of 2013, due to weather restrictions. We will use a Hydraulic Lime Render on the external panel as we use on the internal. The panels will then have 5 coats of Lime Wash applied.

If you are in need of Lime Plastering in the Manchester area please do get in touch.


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