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Lime Plastering Wigan Lancashire

Lime Plastering, Tunley Hall, Wigan, Lancashire

This project involved Lime Plastering the whole of a 5 bedroom Hall in Wigan, Lancashire. Our Lime Plasterers were involved in this project for 3 months. We used a Lime Putty based Lime Plaster to plaster most of the main house. The house is Grade 2* Listed Building, constructed from hand made brick in 1670. The house had previously been plastered with a gypsum based plaster. Some of the walls had the original lime plaster still installed. We had a team of 4 plasterers on site to undertake the Lime Plastering work. We used a pre-mixed lime putty based lime plaster. This was delivered to site in 1 ton creates.

Lime Plastering Fireplace

We Lime Plastered the Fireplace in the main Living Room. This is the 1st base coat, we only applied a 3 coat Lime Plaster to this project as the walls were fairly level. The large Oak Beam over the Fireplace is the original beam. The Oak Beams and joists on the ceiling still had the old lime plaster applied and was in good condition. Most of the Lime Plaster was applied in a 3 coat system. Our Lime Plasterers who work throughout Lancashire on Listed Building, Cottages & Historic buildings. This area of the house is now the study but originally I believe that it would have been the kitchen.

Lime Plastering Kitchen Lime Plastering in the Kitchen area this is the 2nd base coat Lime Plaster been applied. The owner installed a AGA oven in the Fireplace recess. Our Skilled Lime Plasterer is applying the Lime Plaster using a small tool. The Lime Plaster base coats are made from a lime putty mortar, these lime mortars are mixed normally at 3:1 using a lime putty. Our lime plasterers in Lancashire are have a vast knowledge of lime plastering on historic buildings and church building or Grade 2 listed building. This listed building Nr Wigan lancashire is Grade 2 listed. Top coat lime plaster is applied after the based coats have set. The top coat is finished by sponging the lime plaster to leave a good surface for the lime wash to adhere to.
Lime Plastering Dinning Room Lime Plasterer scoring the Lime Plaster 1st base coat using a Oak lath. The Lath & Plaster ceiling in the kitchen remained in good condition and did not have to be replaced. Most old or heritage stock buildings suffer from some sort of damp. The Damp in old buildings normally is Rising Damp. These type of buildings with solid wall construction of brick or stone have no DPC. Chemical DPC's have a low success rate in old building stock. Damp on internal walls can be down to condensation or penetrating damp. Condensation on solid wall walls normally leads to black mold on the plaster. This is also due to dampness in the soiled wall as well. The Damp walls are cold which allows moist internal air to settle on the cold walls.
Base Coat Lime Plaster Lime Plaster in Kitchen area scored and ready to receive the 2nd Lime Plaster coat. Our Lime Plasterers undertake lime plastering work throughout the UK this Lime plastering project is Nr Wigan, Lancashire. Our Lime Plasterers are experts in traditional lime plastering and using all types of lime plaster, from NHL lime plasters to lime putty based lime plaster. We work with Stucco cement plasters & Roman cement mortars. Other lime plastering projects are in Cumbria, Manchester, Yorkshire and Cheshire. Working listed buildings and heritage stock buildings such as churches, cottages and farmhouses. Our fully trained experts lime plastering contractors and lime plaster contractors are some of the best in UK.
Lime Plastering Brickwork in Lancashire Lime Plastering Brickwork in Kitchen on Grade 2 Listed Building in Lancashire. Our Lime Plasterers use only the best quality Lime Plaster. Most Building Contractors and Plastering Contractors are not experienced in the use of Lime Plaster. They have worked with modern building materials but when it comes to working on Traditional properties they do not have much expertises. Our Building Contractors and Plastering Contractors use Traditional Lime Plaster on a daily bases. Our Builders work with Lime Plaster doing Lime Plastering and modern plastering. Modern day Builders can do modern work on modern building but care must be used when employing them to work on Listed Buildings.
Lime Plastering Lime Plaster 2nd Base Coat ready to be Top Coated with a Lime Putty Top / Skim Coat. All the window & door revels were formed by hand using specialist tools. This plaster will now be wet down for the next 3-4 days to prevent it from drying out to much. The heating in the building has been turned off of the Lime Plastering work. All the cracking in the Lime Plaster should have taken place by the end of the drying period. If the Lime plaster continues cracking after this point the top coat lime plaster could result in cracking or crazing in the top coat lime plaster.
Lime Plaster Lime Plastering to Kitchen area, we used 14 tons of Lime Plaster Base Coat on this project. This is a base coat picture. You can see the Lime Plaster base coat has been applied on scratched back with a lath scratchier. This gives the Lime Plaster a good key for the second Lime plaster coat to adhere too. Our builders will now leave this lime Plaster for a good 3-4 days to dry out It may take longer to dry out depending on the time of year and conditions internally in the Listed Building.
Lime Plastering Bedroom Lime Plaster applied to bedroom walls. This is a second coat of lime plaster in the attic are of the Listed Building. The roof of the Listed Building has been insulated using a PIR insulation. This work has been undertaken by another Building Contractor working on the site. Our Contractors can work as Main Contractor or as a Sub-Contractor just undertaking the Lime Plastering aspect of the project.
Lime Plaster Study Lime Plastering Study at Tunley Hall, Wigan, Lancashire. Again this the second coat of Lime Plaster over the Base Coat. This is during the drying period. Notice how the Lime plaster is still wet as our Lime Plasterers have been continually wetting the lime plaster. Notice the glass fibre insulation in the ceiling of the Listed Building. This will be boarded over with a 12.5mm plaster board and skimmed using a modern Gypsum base skim.
Lime Plastering Dinning Room Lime Plastering Dinning Room. This is the 1st base coat applied to the brick walls. We left exposed the Oak Beams over the Windows & formed the window revels by hand. Back in the now snug room with the first coat of lime plaster applied. As the Listed Building is a Traditional building we finished all the corners, window revels and door revels by hand to give a traditional look.
Lime Plastering Kitchen Kitchen area with 2nd base coat Lime Plaster applied. The house had a Oak Framed Building to the rear which burnt down around 100 years ago. Now the second coat is finished this will be monitored for cracking and dry out to quickly. We did not use the belle mixer in the picture for mixing the lime plaster, we used a pre-mixed lime putty based plaster and knocked put with a large hand whisk.
Lime Plasterer applying Top Coat lime Plaster One of our Lime Plasters applying top coat Lime Plaster to Dinning Room wall. This Top / Skim Coat Lime Plaster is made for Lime Putty. The Lime Top Coat Plaster is sponged to a textured finish. This top coat lime plaster was applied using steel trowels. The top coat lime plaster was left for 2-3 days to dry out slowly lightly wetting of drying was happening to quickly. There should be no shrinkage or cracking appearing in the top coat lime plaster.
Lime Plasterer Top coat Lime Plaster being applied to Tunley Hall, Wigan, Lancashire. In the living room the corner, window revels and door revels are molded by hand to give a old cottage look the the lime plaster. The top coat lime plaster is applied to a thickness of between 2mm - 3mm. This top coat lime plaster can then be sponged or toweled finished depending on the type of Historic building.


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