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Lime Pointing on Barn Conversion in Preston, Lancashire

Lime Pointing, Barn Conversion in Longridge, Preston, Lancashire

This project involved Lime Pointing the front and rear elevation of this Barn Conversion in Longridge, Preston. We used a NHL 3.5 lime mortar to point these Stone Walls. We are specialist Restoration Contractors who have a large knowledge of Lime Mortar work. There are many Listed Building in Preston. Most Listed Building have been repaired in the past 40 years with cement mortars and not lime mortars. Preston has had many barn conversion in the last 20 years. Barn Conservation have been very popular in rural locations.

Lime Pointing

Rear Stone wall on Barn Conversion Lime Pointed, we used a Churn brush to tamp the pointing giving a weathered look. The Lime Pointing mortar will allow the Stone walls to breathe, this will stop any water ingress into the internal walls. Our team of specialist contractors working in Preston lime mortar pointing. Most of the Barn conversion in Preston have not internal plaster onto the external stonework. The Barn Conversion have been lined with timber or block stud walls with modern insulation installed to pass building regulations. You don't often fine Lime Plaster on Barn Conversions in Preston. Our Specialist Lime Plasterers would normally work on Listed Building that are restricted in the use of modern insulation on barn conversion and use lime plaster instead.

Lime Pointing Stone Wall Lime Pointing to rear of Barn Conversion. These stone wall on this Preston Barn Conversion had to be prepared before any lime pointing was applied to the stone walls. We used a portable power to wash the stonework on the barn conversion. Then our specialist building contractors used a NHL based lime mortar to lime point the stonework. Often these Barn Conversion can have water ingress issues with damp penetrating through the stone walls. Water is often found dripping in over the windows. This is normally because the water is penetrating the stone walls. This Barn Conversion in Preston was Lime Pointed before the Damp showed internally on the plaster. This Barn Conversion had a welsh slate roof. Some of the Preston barn conversions have stone slate roofs.
Lime Pointing in Preston Lime Pointing to front of Barn Conversion in Longridge, Preston, Lancashire. This project was completed in 2 weeks, using a Hydraulic Lime Mortar or NHL Lime. We used a locally sourced sand to match with the colour of the existing sandstone. The front stone wall of the Barn Conservation was Lime Pointed first. Our Builders working on this Preston Barn Conversion used traditional materials for the repair of the building. This Building is not Grade 2 Listed Building but our specialist lime experts can work on any type of historic or heritage building. We work with the local conservation officers ensure the best traditional techniques. Our Builders can also undertake Roofing work to Barn Conversions and general building work.


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