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Brougham Castle Penrith

Lime Pointing, Brougham Castle - English Heritage, Penrith, Cumbria

Scheduled Ancient Monument

This project involved Lime Pointing to the Curtain Wall on Brougham Castle, Penrith ,Cumbria. Our Specialist Restoration Contractors spent 3 weeks Lime Pointing this Ancient Monument. The Castle is located in the Eden Valley of Cumbria.

Knocking out pointing at Brougham Castle We removed the old cement based mortar from the Curtain using only Hand Tools. This was a slow and involved process. Our Skilled restoration team take care not to damage the existing Stonework. When our skilled Restoration Contractors work on Castles we only use hand tool to remove hard cement based mortars. This project on Brougham Castle in Cumbria involved skillfully removing hard cement mortars without damaging the existing masonry to the castle. It is important that the work is undertaken by Contractors who undertake this type of work regularly. Our Builders us Lime Mortar for Lime Pointing, Lime Rendering & Lime Plaster on a daily bases.
Working on Curtain wall Due to the remote location of the works, it was not cost effective to erect scaffolding. We used ladders & working platforms to gain access to the Curtain Wall. As the areas requiring Lime Pointing with Lime Mortar are just in localized areas we used ladders to access the areas. The site was located round the back of the castle where access to the work site was hard. There was no roads or access paths to this part of the castle. The Lime Pointing Mortar was mixed on the car park and wheel barrowed to the site location.
Curtain on Brougham Castle Here you can see the size of the curtain wall. We only had to Lime Point small isolated sections of the wall, these were where the wall had movement or cracks had formed. Some of the masonry joints had to be filled with lime mortar as when the hard cement based mortar was removed it reveled voids within the masonry of the castle wall. The cracks were flushed with water to remove any dirt or dust. Our Restoration Building Contractor then packed the cracks and joints with lime mortar.
Lime Pointing Cumbria We cleaned out the joists once all the cement based mortar had been removed. The joints were then flushed out using clean water prior to pointing with Lime Mortar. Some of the more intrusive plant growth to the curtain wall was also removed. The castle is a schedule ancient monument which deserves the best craftsman to undertake the restoration work.
Lime MortarPointing Penrith Cumbria

Some of the joints in the curtain wall needed packing with Lime Mortar and pinning stones. The cement mortar had caused the Lime Mortar to decay over time. We packed the voids with a Lime Putty based mortar. A small wooden lath was used to compact the Lime Mortar into the joints. Once the backing lime mortar had been packed in tot joints by our Restoration Contractors we then allowed the backing lime mortar to dry out of 3-4 days.

Lime Pointing for English Heritage Here you can see where we have replaced the pointing with Lime Pointing. The Lime Pointing was covered with Hessian and kept damp for 7 days to allow to cure. The hessian sheeting keeping the lime mortar damp was had to be dampened down 4-5 times per day to ensure the lime mortar did not dry out to quickly. during the curing period the Lime Pointing was then tamped back using a stiff churn brush.
Lime Pointing Stonework in Cumbria We used a locally sourced sand that would blend with the existing Stonework. The Lime Pointing was finished with a brush to give a weathered look. The Lime Mortar Pointing blend in with the existing Stone work well. The Lime Pointing was only what we call patch pointing, in the worst effected areas of the castles curtain wall. The areas to be re-pointed with lime mortar were marked out by our site manager and monuments manager from English Heritage.
Lime Pointing for English Heritage

Only the areas needed were re-pointed in Lime Mortar. Here you can see how the our new lime pointing blends into the existing mortar. The existing cement based mortar that had adhered well to the stone work was left in place. If our contractors would have tried to remove this hard cement mortar from the masonry wall it could have severely damage the stone. Even removing the cement with hand tools could have splotched to stone edges.

Lime Pointing Contractors Lime Mortar Pointing on Brougham Castle in Penrith, Cumbria for English Heritage. The castle is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, only specialist Restoration Contractors are able to work on this kind of building. We operated as builders in and around the Cumbria area undertaking restoration and conservation work to listed building, cottages & churches.


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