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Lime Pointing Gable Wall in Yorkshire Dales

Lime Pointing, Farmhouse, Garsdale, Nr Sedbergh, Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire

On this project in the Yorkshire Dales, we Lime Pointed the Gable elevation to this period farmhouse. We used a NHL Lime Mortar for the Lime Pointing & Lime Putty based Lime Mortar for filling voids. This Farm house is situated at the top of the Yorkshire Dales Nr Sedbergh.

The Stone wall has been pointed with a sand/cement mortar, with mould growth and water ingress to the internal walls.

Lime Pointing

Access to the property was via a 1 mile narrow, steep lane. We used small air tools to remove the cement mortar pointing from the stone joints.

Once we had removed all the cement pointing, we used a pressure cleaner to remove dust & debris from the joints. This also helps remove any decayed Lime Mortar. The Lime Mortar decays because the cement pointing held water within the mortar joints.

After the Stone Wall had been cleaned we used a Lime Mortar to fill void in the wall. This Lime Mortar was packed in with a wooden packing tool.

Lime Pointing Yorkshire Once the packing mortar had taken up, we used a Lime Pointing Mortar to Re-point the elevation. Care was taken not to smear Lime Pointing Mortar onto the Stone units as this is difficult to remove. When Lime Pointing a Stone Wall our Restoration Specialist are experts, with many successful jobs completed.


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