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Lime Rendering Stone Cottage in Bolton Lancashire

Lime Rendering a Stone Built Cottage in Brinscall Bolton, Lancashire.

This small stone build cottage in Bolton Lancashire had a cement based render applied to the rear wall. A previous Builders in Bolton had tried to apply a Lime Render, this lime render had failed due to the incorrect batching of lime & using the wrong lime.

We removed the existing Lime Render from the rear wall using small air powered tools. There was some additional work filling voids & re-bedded stones.

Spraying Lime Render onto Stone Wall

Here our Building Contractor is applying the first dubbing out coat of lime render the stone wall. This lime render is made with a Hydraulic lime and a locally sourced sand.

The stone cottage did have a lot of internal Damp & Rising Damp. The Damp in old buildings is normally found by mould growth.

Lime Rendering the external wall with a Lime Render will prevent the internal walls from having Damp. The Lime Render allows the wall to breathe.

Lime Rendering

Here our Builders are applying the second float coat of lime render. This second coat of lime render must be well keyed to the first dubbing out coat.

The area where this Traditional cottage is located in Bolton, Lancashire is very sheltered so we opted for a softer Hydraulic Lime Render.


Floating Lime Render

Once the second coat or float coat of lime render has been applied, our builders then float up the lime render in a 2 stage process. This insures the lime render is even and level.

Lime render has a different setting action to a standard sand and cement based render. There are a number of differant rendering products on the market at the moment.

K-Rend seems to be a popular rendering system, but K-Rend is for the new build market, it is not as breathable as a traditional Lime render.

Our Builders do undertake work involving K-Rend Renders. The K-Rend system of rendering wall makes it very easy to apply.

Lime Render in Bolton Lancashire Our Restoration Contractor Spraying Lime Render onto a Stone Wall.
Lime Render Cottage This photo shows the differance between the first dubbing out coat and the second float coat of lime render.
Restoration Contractor Lime Rendering Lime Rendering
Lime Render Lime Rendering
Spraying Lime Render Spraying Lime Render
Lime Rendering a Wall Trowelling Lime Render
Cottage with Lime Render Wall Lime Rendered ready for Lime Wash paint.
Lime Rendered Cottage in Bolton Lancashire Lime Rendered


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