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Lime Rendering in Harrogate Yorkshire

Lime Rendering Farmhouse by Builders in Harrogate Yorkshire

On this project in Harrogate Yorkshire we had to remove a cement based pointing from the stonework, then apply a 3 coat Lime Render to a Smooth Textured Finish.

This Period Farmhouse had the tell tale signs of internal Damp showing a Mould Growth. The property was also showing signs of Rising Damp. Our Team of Restoration Building Contractors took to applying the Lime Render.


Applying Lime Render to stone farmhouse

The first job was to remove all the cement based pointing mortar from the property. Our Builders did this by use small air powered tools, every care was taken not to damage the existing stone units.

Once all the cement pointing was remove, we cleaned down the walls with a high pressure hose. Any voids in the stonework were then filled and pack using Lime Mortar and specialist packing tools. All loose stone were removed and re-bedded, all decayed stone had to removed & replaced.

Our Building Contractor team then set to applying the first dubbing out coat of Lime Render. For this project we used a Hydraulic Lime Render & a locally sourced sand.

Lime Rendering

Here our Builder is applying the dubbing coat of Lime Render to the rear stone wall. The Lime Render is applied using a air powered Spray Gun, this ensures the Lime Render (sticks) to the stone units.

We used hessian sheets and tough water proof sheets to protect the Lime Render from the weather elements.

The new coats of Lime Render will allow the building to breathe, any moisture (damp) in the walls will now be able to escape through the Lime Render.

Restoration Contractors Lime Rendering

Our team of Specialist Restoration Contractors are applying the second float coat of Lime Render.

This coat as the first coat of Lime render is applied by Spraying, one or more of the team follows the sprayer toweling the lime render flat.

We have a number of traditional tools to level & float the lime render.

Applying Top Coat Lime Render

There is only a small number of Restoration Contractors & Building Contractors in the Harrogate and Yorkshire area able to undertake Lime Rendering Works. Lime Rendering is a specialist job, with a low margin for error.

Our Team of Specialist Builders work throughout Harrogate and Yorkshire areas. We also undertake Lime Pointing & Lime Plastering to Period & Traditional Listed buildings.

Our team of Lime Plasterers in Harrogate and Yorkshire work on listed building & period properties

Finishing Lime Render in Harrogate Yorkshire

Applying top coat lime render, here our builder is sponge finishing the Lime Render. This will lightly texture the render ready to receive the Lime Wash paint.


Rendering Farmhouse Sheeting Lime Render
Lime Render on Wall Cleaning down
Lime Rendered Wall in Harrogate Yorkshire Ready for Lime Wash


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