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Lime Rendering in Manchester

Lime Rendering Contractors working on Grade II Listed Building in Salford, Manchester

On this project in Salford, Manchester we were asked by a private client to Lime render the external panels of this Grade II Listed Building. The panels had been installed by the Restoration Contractors who repaired the Oak Frame. The panels had been made up of sheep's wool insulation & woodwool boards internal and external.

Our specially skilled Lime Rendering Builders applied 3 coats of Lime Render made up from a Hydraulic Lime NHL 3.5 on site with local sands.

Lime Rendering Oak Frame Panels

Lime Rendering is a specialist job that should be undertaken by experienced craftsmen. Our Restoration Craftsmen have been using Lime Plasters & Lime Renders for many years. This project involved the use of a Hydraulic Lime based lime render which we prepared on site. As a company we try to avoid the use of premixed lime renders as they can contain materials such as cement. We sources local sand that could be used to give us the correct mix needed to make a good Lime Render. We stock a large range of limes in our working based in Burnley, Lancashire.

Lime Rendering Listed Building Manchester

For this project we decided to use a Hydraulic NHL 3.5 lime binder as this has good setting strength & will weather well. The client had advised us that they did not want to use a premixed lime render such as Thermocromex, Monocromex.

When using a Lime Render on a Grade II Listed Oak Frame Building the contractors have to be extremely careful not to let the Lime Render have to much contact with Oak as this can lead to discoloration. The Oak Frame will turn black if the Lime has contact with the Oak for any long periods, it is always good practice to have a bucket with clean water and a sponge so any Lime render can be removed for the Oak Frame.

Lime Rendering Timber Frame Building

We started from the edge of the panel, point the gap between the woodwool boards and oak frame. For this Lime Pointing process we used a caulking mix, this allows expansion and contraction of the oak frame building without cracking the Lime Render.

You will see on the woodwool panels in the Oak Frame that they are installed using stainless steel screws and washers. This oak frame has not been cleaned in any way using DOFF or any other system.

Builder Lime Rendering

One of our Restoration Contractors Lime Pointing the woodwool boards before they are Lime rendered. We used a different lime mix for the lime caulking, but this a company secret so will not put it on here.

Lime Rendering Contractors in Manchester

Here you can see some the woodwool panel in the timber frame building have been Lime Pointed and are ready for the Lime render to be applied. The upper eves details has already been Lime Rendered. This had been formed with sawn larch laths as the woodwool boards could not be bent to form the curve. As the lime render on the lath needs longer to go off we decided to Lime Render this first. This had been scratched using a scratch comb to allow a good key between the base coat lime render and the float coat lime render.

Restoration Contractor working on Grade II Listed Building in Manchester

Our Restoration Builder applying the first coat Lime Render to the woodwool panels. The first basecoat Lime Render is applied at 10mm, with this base coat lime render we also installed a reinforcing mesh.

Once base coat lime render had been applied we then applied a 6mm float coat lime render. Our Restoration Specialist contractors are experienced in all types of traditional lime rendering. We endeavor to used only natural lime render on all the Listed Building & Period homes we work on. We also under take Lime Pointing and Lime Plastering on Listed Building in and around the Manchester area .

Lime Render

Woodwool panels with the Lime Render base coat applied. Applied to the lime render base coat is a reinforcing mesh as described earlier. This mesh helps the lime render from cracking where the joints are in the woodwool boards. If the mesh was not install cracking could occur in the panels on the Timber Frame Building.

Lime Rendering

Applying Lime Render to the underside of external window head. We used the same Hydraulic Lime Render mix used on the vertical woodwool panels. When applying lime render it is important not to allow the lime render to dry out to quickly. If the lime render does dry out to quickly it can cause it to crack and de bond.

Lime Render

Lime Render to the external woodwool panel on this Grade II Listed Oak Frame Building in Salford, Manchester. The woodwool panels are an ideal backing to apply lime render too. The open texture of the board enables to the lime render to adhere well. Even tho the woodwool boards contain a small amount of cement the open texture allows moisture to pass through the board making them breathable.

Contractors Lime Rendering in Manchester

Our builders applying a top coat lime render. This top coat lime render is again made on-site with locally sourced sands. We are using the hydraulic lime 3.5 as a binder for the sand. The top coat render is applied at 4mm thick.

The painting of the Oak Frame panels was undertaken by the clients decorator. A breathable paint was used to paint over the top coat lime render. On this project they used a natural lime wash paint coloured with a pigment. Other paints that can be used are Earthborn Silicate External Paint.

Lime Render on Oak Frame Panels

Applying top coat lime render over the float coat lime render. Our Restoration Contractor applying top coat lime render. As you can see in the picture the area being lime rendered is shaded to prevent the top coat render drying out to quickly. We installed a monoflex cover to the external of the scaffolding. This provides shade to the elevations of Oak Frame.

Panels on Oak Frame Listed Building Lime Rendered

Panels in Oak Frame Lime Rendered. The panels have just been finished with the top coat render. The sheeting on the scaffolding will remain on for the next 7 - 10 days to allow the lime render to carbonate. As the lime render carbonates one of our craftsmen will keep the panels damp by gently wetting daily.

Lime Render Manchester

Lime Rendering to panels in gable pike of Grade 2 Listed Oak Timber Frame Building. The lime render on the Oak Frame panels allows the building to remain breathable. It also gives the Listed Building a traditional look. If work is been undertaken on a Listed Building it is a must to use breathable materials such as Lime Render, Lime Plaster and Lime Pointing. Also to have an experienced Restoration Contractor on site such as ourselves to complete to works. As a specialist building contractor we not only work in Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria but throughout the UK.


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