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Gable Wall of House in Darwen Lancashire to be Lime Rendered

Lime Rendering Terrace House in Darwen, Lancashire

This project in Darwen Nr Blackburn Lancashire involved Lime Rendering the rear elevation of this end terrace property.

Our Team of Restoration Builders took 4 weeks to complete this project. The property had a cement based render on with a pebble dash finish. This was removed using small air tools.

Due to the limited working space we took materials to the site daily.

The house was under renovation as we started the lime rendering work. The internal wall had damp patches & Black Mould Growth on the walls.

Side Extension to be Lime Rendered in Darwen Lancashire

Our Building team started the project by erecting an access to the external elevations. The existing cement based render was removed from the walls. Removing cement render from the stone walls was done using small air tools, these avoid damaging the base stone masonry.

The internal walls of property had the tell tale signs of dampness, Rising Damp and mould growth. Some of the plaster on the internal walls had blown, in other areas the salts in the gypsum plaster had been deposited on the surface.

The cement render, unlike Lime render is not breathable. The moisture in the wall is trapped within the internal masonry. A Lime Based Render is fully breathable allowing any moisture Damp in the walls to escape.

Having cement render on the wall make cause similar effects to Damp & Rising Damp in Old Buildings.

Lime Pointing to Stone Wall Darwen Lancashire

Our Builders also had a small area of stonework on the rear elevation to point using Lime Mortar Pointing. This area had to be raked out again using our small air tools. The wall had been previously been pointed with a cement based pointing mortar.

Once the cement mortar had been removed this exposed voids & loose stones in the wall. Our Builders packed & filled the voids in the rear elevation, using lime mortar.

Our team used a Hydraulic Lime Mortar for Lime Pointing this elevation.

Removing Render for Wall Darwen Lancashire

Our team started removing the existing cement render from the rear Stone Extension. Our team took care not to cause to much damage to the stonework.


Stone Wall Darwen Lancashire Side Extension with the cement render removed.
Applying basecoat Lime Render in Darwen Lancashire

Our Restoration Team Lime Rendering onto the existing stone masonry wall. We used a 3 coat Lime render system, all 3 coats were applied by spray gun. The Lime Render Spray Gun is used to apply Lime Renders to brick and stone walls. This first coat is the first dubbing out coat, this is then planed and floated.


Lime Rendering Applying Lime Render
Lime Rendering Extension in Darwen Lancashire
First Lime Render coat applied
Floating Lime Render Floating Lime Render
Rough Cast Lime Render Applying top coat render
Spraying Rough Cast Lime Render Top Coat Lime Render
Lime Washing Lime Render Walls painted with Lime Wash
Wall Lime Rendered in darwen Lancashire
Lime Wash on wall


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