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Base Coat Lime Render on Oak Frame Building

Lime Rendering with Thermocromex Oak Framed Building, Wigan, Lancashire

On this project we used a premixed Lime Render Thermocromex on the infill panels of a new Oak Frame Building. The Oak Frame Building was constructed by Oakwrigths. A base coat of Monocromex was applied to the oak frame panels. The Thermocromex lime render was pre mixed to a pale yellow colour.

Thermocromex Lime Render Base Mono St Astier base Lime Render with Fibreglass reinforcing had been applied to the infill panels. Here a Coloured Thermocromex Lime Render topcoat is being applied to the infill panels. The panels had a insulation backing covered with a wood wool board. We applied a reinforcing mesh to the wood wool boards on the first coat of monocromex. The mesh is reinforce the joints between the joints on the wood wool boards.
Gable wall on Oak Framed Building being Lime Rendered with Thermocromex Gable wall on Oak Frame building being Lime Rendered with Thermocromex. The existing house is Grade II Listed Building, we Lime Plastered the entire House using a Lime Putty based Lime Plaster. Our Lime Plasterers use NHL Lime Plaster & Lime Putty Lime Plaster. All the high level lime rendering work was undertaken while the scaffolding was erected. The Thermocromex lime render is ideally suited for the application on to wood wool boards. A NHL or Lime putty based lime renders are better of a masonry background.
Lime Rendering Oak Framed Side Elevation with Topcoat Lime Render Being applied. This oak frame building has been erected on the rear elevation of a Grade II listed building. The planning was passed as old plans of the Listed Buildings shows a section of timber frame building from the passed. The old timber frame building building was demolished a long time ago after it fell in disrepair.
Lime Rendering infill panel The coloured Lime Render is ideal for a low maintenance building. The Thermocromex being used here is fully breathable and flexible. A back ground coat of Thermocromex is applied as then a second coat is applied within 24hr. Lime Render can help with damp problems in old buildings. Rising damp can mostly be penetrating damp due to the past application of cement based mortar. A lime render will let the dampness breathe from solid wall construction.
Thermocromex Lime Render Once the Lime Render had started to go, we used a damp sponge to give the Thermocromex a textured finish. Our Restoration contractors use the Thermocromex lime render on a regular bases. General builders sometimes done understand the procedures of applying lime render. On this project we completed in 5 days. We taped up the new old to avoid the lime render from staining the oak.
Coloured Lime Render Side wall once scaffolding had been removed. The Thermocromex lime render will allow for expansion and contraction of the oak frame building without cracking. If you used a cement based render this oak frame building the expansion on the panels and hardness of the cement render would cause it to crack.
Oak Frame Building Lime Render Completed Lime Rendering on a Oak Framed Building using St Astier Thermocromex in Wigan Lancashire. We undertake Lime Rendering, Lime Pointing & Lime Plastering in Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Manchester. We work on Listed Buildings, Chuches & Cottages.


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