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Lime Pointing in Carden Cheshire

On this project in Cheshire we under took maintenance work to this large private house. Areas to the rear, side & front required Lime Pointing.

Our Team of Restoration Specialist had to carefully remove the existing Lime Pointing Mortar from the 2mm Ashlar Stone Block. We applied a new Lime Mortar carefully taping the joints on the stonework.

The works took 10 weeks to complete, with team of 4 specialists

Lime Pointing Cheshire

The Lime Pointing work on the front steps involved removing the existing Lime Mortar, this was done using a blade tool. Every care was take not to chip or mark the existing stone masonry. Once the existing Lime Mortar was remove we flushed the joint to remove all dust & debris. The joints was then left to dry.

Our Builders then applied a tape to the joints to prevent the Lime Mortar from staining the stone masonry. The masonry joints were then packed with a Lime Mortar, this was left till the following day before the tape was removed.

Our Specialist Builders have worked on a number of Restoration Project around the Chester, Cheshire area. We undertake all aspects of Lime work including Lime Pointing, Lime Plastering & Lime Rendering. Our Lime Plasterers have work on Churches, Listed Building, Cottages & Properties in Cheshire.

Most buildings that are pre 1919 are of solid wall construction and have been built using Traditional Lime Mortar. These building require Lime Pointing & Lime Plaster using Lime based products. This will insure the building can expel moisture from the solid wall construction.

If a cement based mortar has been used, this can lead to internal Damp Walls, Blown Plaster & Salt deposits.

Many of the Traditionally built building in and around the Chester & Cheshire area have been repaired or maintained with a cement based product.

The Maintenance of Old Building can save a small fortune in Restoration Cost.



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