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Wattle & Daub repair on Listed Building

Wattle & Daub Panel Repair on Grade II Listed Building, Wigan, Lancashire

Listed Building Wattle & Daub Repair

This project involved repair work existing Wattle & Daub panels on the Grade 2 Listed Building. The panels are original to the 17th C building. Some of the plasterwork to the Wattle & Daub panels was also still in place. Due to movement over time the side of the panels had gaps & some areas had crumbled.

Old Wattle & Daub panels in Listed Building
We started by spraying the areas that required repair with a little water. This was repeated over a few days to ensure the panels were damp.
Repairing Wattle & Daub Panels  
Listed Building & Cottage Wattle & Daub  
Wattle & Daub panel  


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