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Site for new stone garage

Construction of New Stone Garage & Landscaping Works

This project involved the construction of a New Stone Garage & Landscaping work. There is a Grade 2 Listed Farmhouse on the site, the client required the New Stone garage to be constructed to replicate the Listed Farmhouse.

The conservation architect for the project was Stephen Clinch spclinch.greendesigns@btinternet.com

Listed Farmhouse

The view from the road showing the Grade 2 Listed Farmhouse. The Farmhouse house dates back to 1670, archeologists have found lead shot from the civil war in the garden area.

The site where to garage will be situated is a large grassed garden area. We dismantled a small concrete garage before starting the excavation for the foundations.

The site was also CAT scanned for cable. Trial holes for the garage foundation were excavated and inspected by the local building control officer.

A gas pipe ran through the garden area, this was found before excavations started.

Excavating Foundations
We used a small 2.5 ton excavator and a hi-tip terex dumper.
Loading Dumper  
Excavating Trench  
Grading Garage Subbase  
Garage Blockwork  
Building garage  
Foundation Blockwork  
Building Garage  
Builders laying blockwork  
Builders laying stonework  
Installing Steel Beams  
Steel Roof Perlins  
Stonework on garage  
Building stone gable  
Blockwork garden wall  
Stone garden wall  
Builders stonework  
Stonework on garden wall  
Stonework lime mortar  
Stonemason carving quions  
Stone laid on lime mortar  
Stonemason making stone quions  
Stonework with lime mortar  
Stone garden wall  
Stone Wall  
Landscaping work  
Landscaping garden  
Excavating topsoil  
Slating garage roof  
Laying stone flags  
York stone flags  
Installing Velux skylights  
Roofing garage with stone slates  
Stone roof slates  
Thermocromex Lime Render  
Cedar Greenhouse  
Thermocromex Render  
Raised Planters  
Landscaped Garden  
stone garden wall  
Stone wall and listed building  
Stone garage  
Old stone cobble & flag entrance  
Stone garden wall  
Lancaped garden  
Stone garage  


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