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Lead Fashing on Chimney

Roofing Contractor - Installing New Lead Flashing on Stone Chimney - Todmorden, Yorkshire

On this project the client required us to look at Lead Flashing on the Stone Chimney. The Stone Slate Roof was leaking water, there was staining on the internal gable wall.

Upon inspection by one of our roofing specialists we found that the back lead flashing was incorrectly made & install wrong. Our Roofers removed the lead flashing from the chimney and installed a new code 4 lead flashing.

Lead Flashing
Our Roofers made the new lead flashing's on site. They Lead Welded the corners & top flashing.
Lead Flashing on Stone Slate Roof
Once all the leadwork was complete we re-fit the stone slates using aluminum peg. The stone ridge was bedded using a Lime Mortar. All our leadwork receives 2 coats of patanation oil.


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