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Leaking Stone Slate Roof

Roofing Contractor - Roof Repair to Stone Slate (Grey Slate) Roof in Burnley, Lancashire

This project invovled the repair of a stone slate roof in Burnley, Lancashire. The Stone Slate Roof on the Listed Farmhouse had been re-laid by a another contractor only 4 years ago. But due to poor workmanship the Stone Slate Roof was Leaking.

Our roofing team are experianced in all areas of roofing Stone Slating, Blue Slating, Leadwork, Tiles, Flat Roofs & Metal Roofs.

Grey Slate Roof

The problems with the Stone Slate Roof is that there was poor detailing with the leadwork & ridge area. As you can see the breather membrane has not been laped over the ridge, we also as standard install a plastic ridge cap on top of the breather membrane. The lead flashing & soaker dipped in the middle ridge area, this was allowing water into the loft area.

The corping stones were removed from the roof line, then our roofers stripped back the existing stone roof slates. The stone slates had also been nailed in place when they should have been pegged. When the stone slates are pegged with aluminum or plastic pegs it makes them easier to remove.

Repairing Stone Roof

After stripping back the stone roofing slates our roofers removed the lead soakers & turned up the lead flashings. This was due to the breather membrain not being lapped up the chimney wall. Our Roofers installed a plastic membrane to extend up the chimney side.

The Stone Roofing Slates were replaced by our roofing contactors. As they installed the stone slate they also installed the lead soakers. The Stone Slates were laid with the correct aluminum pegs.

You can also see the middle ridge lead soaker has been raised so if water should penatrate the corpings the water will run down the breather membrain.

Repairs to Farmhouse Roof

Our roofers have installed the plastic membrane and lead soakers. We specialize in the work on listed buildings and period properties all over the UK. We also work locally in Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire & Manchester.

Our Roofing Contractors team can undertake any roof repair, weather its a house, factory, cottages, mills & churches.

Listed Building Roof Repairs

Once all the repairs to the stone slate roof had been completed, our roofers replaced the stone slates and corping stones. The corping stones were laid on a Lime Mortar mix due to the house being a Listed Building. The Lime Mortar will also allow movement in the corping stones.

All the new leadwork was treated with 2 coats of paternation oil.

Stone Slating

One of our Roofers installing the last few corping stone to the stone slate roof. This Grade 2 Listed Building stone slate roof is now leak free due to the excellent work of our Roofers.

We also undertake full re-roofing works on stone slate roof, also timber repairs and timber treatment for Woodworm, Dry Rot & Wet Rot.


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