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Roofing Listed Building

Roof Repairs on Stone Slate Roof in Barley, Lancashire

On this project our Roofers repaired a Stone Slate Roof in Barley, Lancashire. Barley is situated around the bottom of Pendle Hill. Barley is close to Clitheroe, Gisburn, Burnley, Nelson, Colne, Barrowford, Whalley & Chatburn.

The property is a 1750 stone built attached Listed Building. We erected a access scaffold above a ground floor garage & also on the front elevation.

Repairing Leaking Roof on Listed Building

We erected an access scaffold to the gable and front elevations of the house. Our roofers then removed the stone corpings from the roofline. The original corpings were bedded to the roof with a cement based mortar. The lead detail around the chimney was leaking due to being pointed with sand and cement.

Our team of Roofing Contractors removed the cement fillet from the wall top. We then used a Lime Mortar to bed the stone slates to the roofline.

Stone Slate Roof

Our roofers had to also fill the voids in the wall top. The roof was in a bad state of repair, ideally a complete re-roof needed doing.

Some of the Stone Roofing Slates had slipped from there original position. These Stone Slates were pegged back into place with aluminum pegs.

Stone Slate Roofers

Slate and stone roofs are a significant feature of many historic buildings. To repair and conserve them successfully necessitates the use of appropriate traditional materials and techniques. A stone slate roof, providing it is well maintained, can last for at least a century and possibly much longer. This section of the website gives details on production, traditional techniques, conservation and sources of further information.

Reclaimed Yorkshire stone roofing slates, or 'Yorkshire greys' are reclaimed traditional stone roofing slabs that are very popular for new builds and renovation work.

Roof Repair

The 'Slates' are actually made from Yorkshire Stone. The term 'slate' refers to the application in which it is used, not the material from which it is made.

Many houses and mills in the Yorkshire area have been tiled in Yorkshire stone slates for hundreds of years. The stone provides excellent weather protection and durability.

Many of the roof slates that are salvaged will be in excess of 100 years old. This is testament to the strengths of Yorkshire stone and reassurance that the life span can continue for many more years.

Yorkstone slates are traditionally laid in diminishing courses. This means that the bigger slates are laid at the bottom of the roof and the courses reduce in size towards the top.

Stone Ridge Tiles

A well tiled Yorkshire stone roof is a pleasure to look at and an asset to any property.

Here you can see where a few of the Stone Slates have slipped from under the ridge stones. Our roofers removed the stone ridges, re-fixed the stone roofing slates using aluminum pegs. We then bedded the stone ridge tiles on a lime based mortar.


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