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Stone Slate Roof

Stone Slate Roofing Farmhouse, Burnley, Lancashire

On this project we constructed a new Stone House Extension. The House Extension was constructed to the same dimensions as the existing house. The original farmhouse has a stone slate pitched roof.

Once all the steel beams & rafters were install on the extension the original stone slate farmhouse roof was stripped.

We under took timber repairs, new lead work to chimney & new loft insulation. The front roof of the farmhouse did not have any under felt or membrane. The farmhouse also had major water ingress around the chimney. The roof was also leaking into the solid walls.

Roofers Working on Stone Slate Roof

As we started this project last in the year we only striped one side of the roof a once. We knew there was timber repaired to do on the rear roof so we decided to slate this first. A weight bearing scaffold was erected so the stone slates could be kept at roof level.

Once the slates had been removed we lifted the old timber battens & roof felt. The roof was a bitumen based under slate felt, this always tends to go brittle and crack. The bitumen felt is also none breathable.

Farmhouse Roof

The new stone extension has the white temporary roofing membrane on. This was temporary covered while we repaired the timber work on the main house roof.

The stone extension was constructed to the same roofline as the exiting farmhouse. The farmhouse roof had been re-roofed around 15 years ago but was to a very poor quality.

Timber Rafter Repairs

When the previous roofing contractor installed new timber rafters they were left short on the ridge beam. We decided to extend the roof rafters by planting new timber work to the side of the existing. The existing timber rafters were in good conditions with no signs of rot.

We used a treated C16 timber for the new rafter extensions, bolted with M12 coach bolts. Then the new rafter extensions were screwed to the oak ridge beam.

Cutting New Roof Rafter

One of the new rafter extension timbers being cut. 90% of the rafters needed to be extended to sit right on the ridge beam. The original oak perlins & ridge beams were also in good condition, they had a high moisture content around the chimney area where the flashing had failed.

Some of the rafters also required extending on to the wall top, we use the same technique.


Installing New Roof Rafter

Here we have bolted on one of the short extension rafters. We alternated the rafter length of 700mm to 2m. Once all the battens are nailed to the roof they link the rafters & spread the stone slate load. One of our restoration contractors is also knocking in the M12 coach bolt used to bolt the timber rafters together.

While the stone roofing slates had been striped we also removed all the loft insulation. The attic area was then vacuumed out to remove excess dust & debris. We then relay loft insulation to depth of 300mm.

Fixing Timber Rafter

On this photo you can just how short the timber rafters are on the oak ridge beam. Luckily there are 2 oak perlins on the roof span. This spread the weight of the stone stone. You can also see how we alternated the length of the timber rafters.

This section of stone roof between the chimney and the new stone extension was fairly to repair as it only required rafter extensions. The section between the chimney and barn had sagged over time so also required realigning.

Timber Roof Rafters

Now we have completed all the timber repairs to the roof. You can see to the right of the picture where the new timber rafters have been bolted the the existing rafters. These rafters extend further down into the roof as they are being used to level the rafters.

At this stage we treated the roof timbers for Dry-rot, Wet-rot & Woodworm, this was liquid that we sprayed on.

New Timber Rafters

On this side of the stone slate roof we also had to match the slate course with the existing stone slate roof of the barn. We have also nailed onto the rafters a bottom flunching piece to kick the roof membrane at wall top level.

The previous bitumen slating felt had been laying flat on the wall top & split. This was causing water ingress into the wall top. The water was then leaking in over a ground floor window.

Roof Rafters

Here you can see the new rafter plants to level to timber rafters. All these rafter plants have been bolted to the existing timber rafters with M12 coach bolts.

Roofers Stone Slating
Once the roofers had re-laid the stone slates on the rear section of roof we striped the front section of the farm house. We found that the nails in the battens had completely rusted away. We then removed all the loft insulation from the front section of the roof. New loft insulation was installed to a depth of 300mm. Roofing Contractors then laid the stone slates on the roof.
Stone Slates on Roof

The old stone flashing's around the chimney were removed & we installed new lead aprons & flashing. For this stone slate roof we had to import 14 tons of new stone slates.

Our roofers have slated many roofers around the Lancashire area. We also work throughout the UK including Cumbria, Yorkshire, Manchester, Cheshire.

Grey Slate Roofing

On the front stone slate roof we had to install new lead soakers between the farmhouse roof & the barn roof. The stone slates have to laid in diminishing courses & with them also being random widths a stone slate roof is one of the most difficult.

Our roofers have a experience in laying all kinds of slates.

Laying Stone Roofing Slates
Our roofers stone slating old farmhouse. We used aluminum pegs to hold the stone slates in place. These pegs make it easier to change broken slates at a later date. Our roofing contractors can also replace broken stone slates.


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