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Damaged Leadwork

Lead Roof Valley Repair - Barn Conversion - Skipton, Yorkshire

On this project in Skipton, Yorkshire we were asked to repair a leaking Lead Valley. Our Roofing team was called in due to water ingress into the bedroom below. One of our specialize team diagnosed a split in the Lead Valley.

Our Roofers attended the property and discovered that the Lead Valley had been laid without a movement joint. This resulted in the lead valley splitting due to thermal movement.

Leaking Lead Repair

Our roofers stripped back the existing Stone Roofing Slates from around the roof valley. The stone slate were stacked on an access scaffold. Some of the slates had been nailed to the battens, this made it difficult to strip. Our Roofers now use an aluminum peg when stone slating, this made exchange of slates easy.

When our roofing contractors removed some of the lower stone slates, the length of the slates was over 1 metre long.

Hole in Lead valley

This is one of 2 thermal splits in the lead valley. Due to the lead valley being laid in one piece, this does not allow the lead to thermally move. Our roofers believe the leadwork was around 20 years old, so it has done well to last that long.

The roofing contractors inspected the leadwork above the lead split & cut back to good. Leadwork on stone slate roofs is best to be done in code 5 or 6 lead as most stone slate roofs are in exposed areas. This lead valley was lined in a code 4 lead.

Repairing Lead Valley

We also repaired the leadwork on the opposite lead valley. Both of the lead valley had lead splits in them. Our roofers took just 5 days to repair both lead valleys.

When employing a roofing contracting to repair slate roofs and leadwork it is important they have good knowledge of using traditional roofing materials.

Our roofers also installed the Velux skylights you can see on the picture. These Velux skylights are ideal in barn conversion, due to planning restrictions on windows.

Lead Valley Repair

Once the split lead had been removed from the roof valley our roofers found the valley boards were still in good condition with no rot.

The roofing contractors removed the lead valley and left the timber valley boards to dry out. A membrane was laid onto the valley boards, this allows the leadwork to move on the timber.

We used a code 6 lead for the valley repair.

Our roofers then laid the stone slates back into there original position. A few new slates need to be sourced as they had split.


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