Our team recently conducted educational tours at Burnley Town Hall for the Project Management and Town Hall Employees, giving them a chance to see first hand the extensive work that is being carried out across the building.

As Part of our Restoration process we work directly with our clients & wider community to provide education and insight into the history of period buildings such as Burnley Town Hall & the traditional techniques used during the process of restoration.

Education plays a key role in the preservation of historic buildings and gives a better understanding to our clients, contractors, architects and local authorities the needs and requirements of such buildings.

The educational tour gave 21 employees from Burnley Council and Liberta the opportunity to visit areas of Burnley Town Hall that is not normally accessible. The visitors were shown areas inside the building that had been damaged by water ingress, before making there way onto the roof to see the cause of the leakage. The visitors were able to see the original roof elevations of the building, some of which are more than 100 years old. Our team were able to show them deteriorated slates, lead work and guttering all of which have been contributing to the buildings water ingress.

Our team had just completed restoration work to the north roof elevation, which included new lead work and guttering, as well as all new Welsh Blue Slates.  The visitors were able to compare the old roof with new and see the benefits of building restoration and the workmanship required to complete the work.

One key aspect of the tour was a visit to the clock tower, which has stood for over 120 years. Our team have been conducting extensive grouting and pointing work on the clock tower. The visitors could clearly see deteriorated stone work and pointing caused by cement based mortars previously used on the building. Our team were able to show and demonstrate the skills and techniques used to restore the stone work and replace the old cement based mortar with a new lime based mortar.

As part of the tour our team also provided a lead work demonstration, showing some of the skills & techniques used when working work lead, including lead welding.

We will continue to work closely with our clients across all our projects to offer further educational experiences and events.




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