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Chimney Restoration Time lapse on the North Elevation of Burnley Town Hall

The UK Restoration Services Roofing and Masonry teams have been working at Burnley Town Hall since the New Year, undertaking much needed restoration work. The Town Hall is over 120 years old and is a Grade 2 Listed Building.

The chimneys sting courses had serve deterioration that was allowing water ingress. When water reacts with the sulphur found in the chimney soot, it creates sulphuric acid causing acid corrosion.

Our team reconstructed the top section of the chimney, replacing any badly deteriorated stone. The string course was completely replaced with newly cut sand stone and tied in with Stainless Steel Cramps.

The chimney has been pointed with a Lime based Mortar and finished off with Brand New Chimney Pots.

Our Team will conduct Chimney Restoration & repairs on all the Chimneys at the Town Hall.

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