Dustless Sandblasting Solutions

Low pressure Farrow blasting is a versatile dustless blasting system. Used in a wide variety of cleaning applications from delicate surfaces to industrial blasting.

Heritage buildings are often cleaned using traditional sand blasting. But this method is often to abrasive, causing further damage to the stone work. Low pressure Farrow blasting is less abrasive, as it uses a wet blasting medium. This type of cleaning is also much cleaner, but reduced dust and waste.

Benefits Of Using Low Pressure Farrow Blasting

The Farrow System utilises low blast pressures and a dustless blasting medium. This makes the system environmentally friendly and minimises work place health and safety risks.

Traditional water blasters use approximately 20 litres of our water every minute. Large volumes of waste water and contaminants are then dispersed into the environment. The Farrow System less than 0.5 litres of water per minute. This dramatically reduces waste water and the environmental impact.

Dry sand blasting creates severe dust problems and can cause significant health issues. Such dry sand blasting systems need expensive blast enclosures. The media usage from traditional sand blasting techniques can be as high as 500 kg per hour.

Low pressure Farrow blasting uses as little as 30 kg of sand per hour. Mixed and absorbed with water, this creates a dustless blasting solution. Therefore, reducing any environmental risk and simplifies clean up. A a result this saves time and money.

Applications of Dustless Blasting

The versatility of low pressure Farrow blasting means it can be used for a wide variety of applications. These include the removal of surface coatings from most substrates such as;

  • aluminium
  • timber
  • steel
  • fibreglass
  • rubber
  • brick
  • masonry
  • concrete
  • granite
  • marble
  • ceramics
  • terracotta
  • brass
  • plastic
  • and in some circumstances has even removed ink from paper.


The dustless blasting solution is also useful in industrial or commercial applications. It has the ability to remove graffiti, surface rust and other oxidants. Our system has use on boats, cars, mining equipment, machinery, marine parks. As well as removing old varnish, black tar, grime, mould, scale, soot and salts.

Our Low Pressure Farrow Blasting system is completely portable. Thus allowing us to provide dustless blasting in almost any location across the UK.

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