In 2017, we were contracted to remove cementitious wall render from 13 Castle Street in Clitheroe. The building is grade II listed and is in a conservation area.

The south east gable elevation of the property was faced with a cementitious render wall finish that was cracked and detached in numerous areas. Consequently, rainwater was entering the wall and causing internal damp. The accumulation of moisture within the wall core could damage the internal window lintels and fabric of the building. To prevent further damage, we were contracted complete appropriate and sympathetic repairs.

Appropriate scaffolding was erected. The scaffolding was designed to be free standing and not fixed to the building.

The existing jointing pattern of the stucco was measured so it could be successfully replicated on application of the new render finish.

The existing render was carefully removed using hand tools to minimise the damage that could potentially be caused to the surface of the stonework. Once the render was removed the wall was brushed with a stiff brush to remove any loose debris.

The condition of the existing wall was assessed before re-rendering. The cementitious pointing was raked out using hand tools and any loose debris was removed.

The wall was then rendered with lime mortar. A render coat was firstly applied, followed by a floating coat and a finishing coat. Four coats of limewash were applied and the final coat contained linseed oil to help waterproof the wall.

Through using traditional methods an excellent finish was achieved and the historic character of the property was preserved.

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