The Lytham Market Hall was built in 1848. In 1869 a clock was added to the original tower which was raised to accommodate the clock. In the 1890s the premises were converted into shops and in the 1950s the first floor was converted into offices.

In 2016 we were contracted to clean the stone and brickwork to the tower and to the front elevation of a shop. We specialise in exterior building cleaning utilising specialist equipment to provide a non-abrasive and environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

The DOFF Cleaning system was used for this project. The DOFF cleaning system is ideal for cleaning delicate stonework and masonry. It uses superheated steam to remove stubborn materials and debris.

A sample area was tested first. This is completed for every cleaning project, to determine the strength of chemical to use, the amount of pressure to use and check the temperature and to determine which nozzle to use. It also provides the client with an idea of what to expect for the rest of the building.

Our team ensured the windows were protected and carefully carried out the cleaning work. An excellent finish was achieved and brought the tower back to its former glory.

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