Hall i’ th’ Wood – Grade I Listed Manor House

Hall i' th' Wood Manor

Hall I’ th’ Wood Manor is a Grade I Listed 16th Century building in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Historically in Lancashire, the manor is one of the northwest’s most important buildings. Originally a small manor house, it is now used as a museum. It started life as a rich merchant’s home during the mid 17th century and years later the building was split into several rented dwellings. It was whilst living in one of these that Samuel Crompton invented the spinning mule in 1779. This mule went on to be one of the most significant spinning machines used by the textile industry. It could be said the whole textile industry of Lancashire can trace its strength back to this building.

In 1899, the house was bought by Lord Leverhulme who gave it to the Corporation of Bolton in 1900. The house and grounds were presented to the people of Bolton in memory of Samuel Crompton and opened to the public as a museum in 1902. The original building is timber-framed with a stone flagged roof. So popular is this building, it lends its name to the local area’s railway station, which was opened in 1986.

Restoration of the Timber Frame Listed Building

We were subcontracted by Robinsons Preservation Ltd, who were undertaking remedial works to a jetted queen post trussed panel on the second floor which had suffered severe water ingress. Our works included the deep–pack pointing and grouting of open joints between the trussing timbers and infill panels. We also needed to limewash all the panels on the second floor jettied façade. To fill the voids between the existing render panels and timberwork we first had to remove any loose material. We managed this using hand tools and ensured all the existing mastic was removed. Lime mortar was then pressed into the voids to be brought flush with the render panels. Finally, the render panels were them limewashed. Following the completion of the lime works the timber truss tie beams were painted.

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