On this project we had to lime plaster the kitchen area of this period cottage in Bolton Lancashire. We removed the existing gypsum based plaster of the solid walls, this gypsum plaster was not allowing the solid stone wall to breathe so a build up of moisture was present.

Once the gypsum plaster was removed we installed some concrete lintels over the windows.

The client had installed some new pitch pine beams in the kitchen areas, so we then installed a insulated backed plasterboard to the ceiling & skimmed with a modern gypsum based skimming plaster.

Our Lime Plasterers applied a 3 coats of Lime Plaster to this period cottage in Bolton Lancashire. The client was looking for a traditional cottage look so we followed the natural curves on the solid stone walls. There was also no skirting boards being fitted to the kitchen area so we lime plastered to the flag floor.

Our lime plasterers took 2 weeks to complete the works. We used a Natural Hydraulic Lime mixed with a local sharp sand for the base coat lime plaster. We used a pre-mixed top coat lime plaster, this was sponged to a textured finish.

The electrics and plumbing installation also had to changed to adapt to the kitchen layout. The electrics on the wall were capped, we used a mesh in the lime plaster over the cappings.

Lime Plastering on solid stone walls stops moisture build up in the walls. The Lime Plaster has be painted with breathable paint like Lime Wash, Clay Paint or Distemper. If a modern paint is applied the walls will not breathe, it is also difficult to remove this can cause damage to the plaster surface.

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