Lime Plaster in Kitchen area scored and ready to receive the 2nd Lime Plaster coat.

This project involved Lime Plastering the whole of a 5 bedroom Hall in Wigan, Lancashire.  The house is a Grade 2* Listed Building, constructed in 1670 from hand made bricks. The house had previously been plastered with a gypsum based plaster. Some of the walls still have the original lime plaster still installed.

We had a team of 4 plasterers on site to undertake the Lime Plastering work. Our Lime Plasterers were involved in this project for 3 months.

We used a Lime Putty based Plaster to plaster most of the main house. We applied 3 coats of Lime Plaster to this project as the walls were fairly level. The Oak Beams and joists on the ceiling still had the old lime plaster applied which was in good condition. Most of the Original Lime Plaster was also applied in a 3 coat system.

We used 14 tons of Lime Plaster for the Base Coats on this project. The Lime Plaster base coats are made from a lime putty mortar, these lime mortars are mixed normally at 3:1 ratio.

You can see the Lime Plaster base coat has been scratched with a lath scratchier. This gives a good key for the second Lime plaster coat to adhere too. Each coat of lime Plaster needs 3-4 days to dry out, before the next coat is applied.

The Top coat of  lime plaster is applied after the based coats have set. The top coat lime plaster is applied to a thickness of between 2mm – 3mm. and then smoothed with a sponge to give a textured finish. All the window & door revels were formed by hand using specialist tools.


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