This Period Farm House in Trawden, Lancashire had severe internal water ingress. The Farmhouse is built from a local sandstone, with Lime Mortar joints. The building as many others in Lancashire & Yorkshire had been pointed with a Cement based Mortar. This was not allowing the Building to Breathe.

We use small air tools to remove the Cement based pointing Mortar, our Restoration team had to be care full not the damage the stone units. Once our Specialist team had removed the cement pointing we filled the voids with a Lime based mortar.

We also pointed the slate line of the building & re-bedded the Stone roofing slates. The advantages of using Lime Mortar of Pointing over Cement based material are that any moisture (damp) in the building can escape through the Lime Mortar Joint.

Dampness at lower levels of the building can be mistaken for Rising Damp some times. Rising Damp has similar properties to water ingress through leaking walls.

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