This project involved removing the existing cement based render from the gable end wall of a 17c cottage. The elevation was then cleaned & a new Lime Based Render coat was applied. The finish on the Lime Render Coat was a textured Roughcast. The project was completed within the 3 weeks time slot allocated.

The existing cement based render on the gable end wall had been lined to imitate stone blocks, this is known as Ashlar Lining. The cement render was  preventing the stone wall from breathing. The property has water ingress and damp on the internal walls. This cement render was very difficult to remove, a very strong mix had been used to render the wall. Every care was take not to damage the stone under the render but when the render.

Once the cement based render was removed from the Gable wall, we cleaned down the exposed stonework. We use a pressure washer to do this. The Stonework on the wall then had to be packed & filled & any loose stone to be re-bedded, we used a Lime Mortar for this.

We then applied a dubbing out coat of Lime Render, we used a Hydraulic Lime Render for this. The Lime Render was applied by spraying it onto the Stone Wall. Then the second coat or Float Coat of Lime Render was applied to the Gable wall. This coat will be made flat ready to receive the top coat Lime Render.chorley

This Lime Render we are applying the gable wall will now allow the wall to breathe. Any moisture in the stone wall can escape through the Lime Render. The Lime Render will flex with the wall, lime render is very flexible. When Lime Rendering a Wall every care must be take not to allow Lime Render in contact with glass, as the sand in the Lime Render scratch the surface.

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