Removing old paint using  low pressure wet blasting system

On this Lime Rendering project in Preston Lancashire we were asked to remove the existing cement based render from the brick wall. After removing the cement based render from the wall we used our low pressure wet blasting system to remove the modern paint from the brickwork. The system works on the same principle as a Sandblasting or Sandblaster. The difference with our machine is that it works at a much lower pressure than a traditional sand blasting system. The Sandblasting system can also be used on brickwork, stonework & other backgrounds. The brickwork had to be cleaned to remove the modern paint so the lime render could adhere well to the brick. Modern Sandblasting can take up to 5mm off the surface of the sub-straight. Our Low Pressure Cleaning system can remove paint & other deposits without damaging the sub-straight.

The windows & doors had to be sheeted over to protect them from the Low Pressure Sandblasting Lancashire. Our Sand blasting operatives work throughout the North West of the UK. We have undertaken work in Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria, Preston, Yorkshire & Cheshire. Specialist Wet Blasting contractors in Lancashire.

After removing the paint from the brickwork, we applied the base coat of lime render. A NHL lime based render was used mixed with a local sand and was left for a few days to setup. The lime render on this Grade II Listed Building in Preston, Lancashire will allow the brick wall to breathe. Nearly all Grade 2 Listed Buildings in Preston, Lancashire will need to be repaired with a Lime based render.

Hessian sheets used to keep the lime render wet

After laying on the second base coat of lime render our Restoration contractor used traditional tools to prep the lime render coat on this Grade 2 II Listed Building in Preston, Lancashire. Our Restoration Contractors are specialised in the application of Lime Render, Lime Plastering & Lime Pointing. After our Heritage Contractors applied this second coat of lime render they sheeted the lime render with hessian sheets to prevent the lime drying to quickly.

The hessian sheeting has to be wet down daily. One of our Restoration Contractors will attend site daily to ensure the hessian is kept wet. If the lime render dries out to quickly it can crack or not adhere correctly.

We then applied the finish coat to the wall, which leaves a smooth texture which can then be painted. The finish coat must also be covered with hessian sheeting to prevent the lime render from drying to quickly. Our Restoration Contractors also applied a breathable paint to the Lime Render once it had finally set.

We also undertake work in Preston such as Stone masonry, Traditional Heritage Roofing. Stone Slate roofing & blue welsh slate roofing. Our client was were happy with the Lime rendering works to the Grade 2 Listed building.

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