On this project we had to remove isolated patched of failed Lime Render applied by others. We had a time scale of 8 weeks to complete the work. Our team of Restoration Building Contractors come with many years of experience. We have completed many Lime Rendering project across the UK.

Our expert team of Builders used small air powered tools to remove the existing lime render from the Listed Building. The previous Contractor did not remove all the sand & cement render from the masonry joints. We then discovered large voids and loose masonry that need packing & re-bedding. Our team used a Soft Lime Based mortar to do this.

All the elevations were cleaned down using a pressure washer.

We applied a 3 coat lime rendering system on the elevations taken back to masonry. Some of the other elevation we only replaced the top Rough Cast Coat of Lime Render. We used a Hydraulic Lime Render on this project. A 3 coat Rendering System was applied with a first dubbing out coat, second float coat & final top coat.

Damp in Old Buildings & Rising Damp can be helped by applying a Lime Render to the external walls. The Lime Render allows the building to breathe. A cement based render traps the moisture within the wall. This Listed Building in Cumbria like many other had a cement based render applied. The cement render can also cause the internal plaster to blow, deposits of salt can be left on the surface.

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