Low Pressure Wet Blasting of Timber Doors

This project involved the removal of a build up of dirt on the old barn doors. We used our low pressure wet blasting unit, which use’s a fine media mixed with a small amount of water to clean the wood. The water suppresses the dust, making this system clean and completely dustless.

The Farrow System® will clean surfaces that other methods cannot. Originally developed for the marine industry, The Farrow System® has proven effective in cleaning many materials quickly, easily, and without damaging them. It cleans wood, plastics, composites, steel, aluminum, brass, ceramic tile, concrete, asphalt, decorative paver’s, stone, brick, and more. The Farrow System® has almost limitless uses in consumer, industrial, and government applications.

As well as cleaning the doors, our in house joinery team made repairs to the doors where the wood was damaged and rotten.

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