Masonry Wall Rebuild following Fallen Tree

Stump Removal & Stone Wall Construction

Chorley, Lancashire

UK Restoration Service were contracted by Lancashire County Council to repair a retaining wall in Euxton, Chorley. A fallen tree had damaged a large section of the wall which needed to be rebuilt. Approximately 5.5 meters of coping was destroyed and would need to be replaced. The tree had also pushed the wall causing a lean, spanning approximately 15 meters.

Before any work could commence on the wall a lane closure was put in place and the remaining tree stump was removed using an excavator.

A low-level scaffold was then erected allowing our team to complete a full deconstruction of the wall. The outer leaf walling stone was tagged and stored onsite. During the deconstruction process we discovered that the inner leaf of the wall, constructed from random stone, was severely deteriorated.

Using locally sourced, reclaimed random stone the wall was rebuilt, using lime mortar for bedding & pointing. The outer leaf was rebuilt to the exact specification prior to deconstruction. Reclaimed coping stones were also sourced to replace those damaged by the tree.

Upon completion of the work, a full clean down of the road was completed to remove any debris and dirt, before the traffic management was removed.



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