On this project we rebuilt a Listed Stone Wall in Rochdale, Manchester. The stone wall had leaned to one side by 130mm over the height. The lower internal section of the stone wall is built of random rubble, the other sections are course stone work. We used a Lime Mortar for Building & Pointing the wall.

The original Lime Mortar on the wall had decayed due to the cement pointing on the Stonework. We managed to salvage all the original stone only bringing in a small amount of random rubble stonework.

We used a Hydraulic Lime Mortar to build the Stone Wall, this kind of mortar will allow the wall to expand minimising cracking. Stone Walls built with traditional sand & cement become one mass solid structure that does not offer any expansion or flexibility.

When using Lime Mortar for re-building Stone walls it is only possible to build a small amount at any one time. We spent a full day building the front wall & another on the back Stone Wall. The stone wall was also pointed with lime mortar, this lime pointing was then gentle beaten into the stone work. The centre of the stone wall was filled with rubble & lime, we also installed stainless steel wall ties.

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