Bank Farm

On this project the client asked us to repair & rebuild the Brick Infill Panels on the Listed Oak Frame Building in Cheshire. This Listed Building in Cheshire dates back to the 16 century and had an internal Scaffold erected to prevent the building from collapsing. This scaffold had been erected approximately 10 years prior to the restoration work. The Listed Oak Frame Barn was used for Threshing Wheat and has now been Restored & Converted into a 2 Bedroom Cottage.

Our team of Restoration Builders used a Hydraulic based Lime Mortar for the Lime Pointing & Re-building the Brick Infill panels. We used the original hand made bricks to reconstruct the panels, taking care to replace the bricks in exactly the same place it was removed from. Our team also made some major repairs to the oak frame, replacing the timber expansion joints.

Our Building Contractors worked on this project in Cheshire for 1 week, lodging in a near by Estate bungalow.



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