This project involved Restoration to the Stone Steps leading up the memorial & the installation of a disabled ramp to the Parish Building. Our Restoration Builders had a short time schedule on this project. The Stone steps on the War Memorial had moved & needed realigning.

Our Team started by removing all the cement based mortar from around the steps. The steps had moved over time, allowing water to ingress the steps.  Freezing and thawing during the winter months can cause the gaps the War Memorial steps to enlarge.

Once our Specialist Restoration Contractors had removed all the cement mortar from the steps, they then flushed the joints with clean water to remove all the dust and debris. Our restoration team then used a Hydraulic Lime Mortar to point the joints in the stone steps. The Lime Pointing mortar has some elasticity which allows for slight movement in the stone steps without causing cracking. This will insure water will not ingress behind the stone steps of the War Memorial. The Lime Pointing was covered with wet hessian sheets to protect it from drying out to quickly. Once the lime pointing had dried, we cleaned the stone flags and steps.

Our Ground Working team excavated the foundations for this disable ramp by hand. The waste and spoil for the excavations was removed from site with a local skip company. Our restoration team installed a concrete based for the Disable ramp. This concrete based was mixed on site due to the small amount of concrete required. When concrete foundations had set our Ground Works team then laid stone flags to the concrete foundation. The Ground Working team insured the flags were laid with the correct falls. The Ground Works also installed a small kerbs to the outside edge of the Disable Ramp. The stone flags were then pointed in cement mortar to stop water ingress.

We have undertaken work on other war Memorials in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Cheshire the Restoration and Conservation works included Stone Repair, Lime Pointing & Doff Cleaning.


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