Sandblasting Cast Iron Water Fountain

This cast iron water fountain is located in Thursby Park, Burnley. It was erected as a memorial to a small boy who drown in a reservoir.

We used one of our smallest sandblasting pots for this, it is capable of removing rust & paint without damaging the original surface, as it uses pressures around 50 PSI. The fountain had been repainted many times in the past and had a high amount of corrosion.

Before blasting could begin our Metal Restoration Specialists had to make repairs too broken areas of the cast iron fountain. Moulds were taken of the original features and copied to create new moulds. The replacement sections were cast in fibreglass, due to budget restraints. The cobbles under the fountain were also replaced and jointed with tar.

Once the preliminary work has been done, the fountain was blasted using a very fine media to ensure we did not damage or erode any of the original metalwork further. The fountain was then painted with a layer of zinc rich paint to protect the cast iron work for years to come.

You can read more about this project on the Lancashire Telegraph’s website – Burnley Fountain Memorial Restored

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