This project involved Restoration & Repair of this Grade 2 Listed Hall in Stretton, Cheshire. The client required the property to be updated. The Grade II Listed Building has always been a home but required refurbishment work.

Our builders start work on the project in June 2011. The client gave us a very short 6 weeks turn round time. The preliminary works required the existing kitchen to be removed including a very large AGA.

The internal door from the dinning room to the kitchen required enlarging. We propped the exciting brickwork above the door opening. We removed the old steel lintel & dismantled to brickwork to the right of the opening. The original door opening was a small 700mm.

Our builders installed new concrete lintels above the new opening. The Grade 2 Listed Building in Cheshire has been extensively refurbished in the past. The previous building contractors have not used traditional materials in the restoration work. The walls have not been plastered with lime plaster our the external brickwork pointed with a traditional lime pointing mortar. Most of the internal plastering has been done with a modern light weight gypsum plaster. This non lime plaster will not allow the walls in the Listed Building to Breathe.

We removed areas of the plaster-work that had failed, on this photo we removed the plaster from over the fireplace. The plaster had become detached from the brick substrate.

Our plasterers replasted the chimney breast to match into the existing plaster. We used a lime plaster where possible on the restoration for the Grade II Listed Building.

This wall on the Grade 2 Listed Building had a plasterboard backing so our plasterers used a gypsum based skim plaster on this wall. The plaster board is covering the old oak timber frame, we install breather vent to avoid condensation build up on the oak frame.

Most of the window revel plaster-work in the Grade 2 Listed Building required removing due to de-bonding. Our plasterers in Cheshire used a breathable plaster to repair the revels, but this was not a true lime plaster.

Another window revel repaired by our plasterers in Cheshire. Again we did not use lime plaster on the revel due to the wall being plastered in gypsum based plaster.

Our plasterers plastered nearly all the window revels & other areas. This is a small door revel, again the existing plaster had de-bonded from the original brickwork. Our plasterers on this job repaired all the plaster-work & used a lime plaster where possible.

The client also required our specialist builders to repair / restore the brickwork to this tennis court. The existing brick coping to the side wall had blown. Our skills team of builders replaced all the brick coping on the wall. We sourced a local brick to match the existing. Our builders also replaced or turned brickwork in the wall, these bricks had blown faces.

The brickwork required repairing under the stone steps to the tennis court. Our specialist builders carefully removed the damaged bricks for the steps. They installed locally reclaimed bricks.

All the tennis court walls had been built for reclaimed bricks, some of the traditional handmade bricks are not made for external use. When the bricks are laid externally because they have not been fired a high tempurtue they tend to suffer from frost damage.

The Restoration / Refurbishment works to this Grade 2 Listed House in Cheshire were completed on time & on budget. A new kitchen was installed and hand painted, also a new electric AGA. Two new bathrooms installed, re-painted throughout, new carpets.


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