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What’s the most fun piece of kit we’ve got? That depends on who you ask, really. As seen in a recent video, our director Phil will probably say it’s our brand new forklift. For our freezing office staff, probably the radiators. For some though, it’s the powerwasher. And it’s easy to see why, with powerwashing videos online racking up plenty of views. The lure of the satisfying cleaning action mixed with the unrivalled science of superheated water at 230mph proving just too great for a lot of people.

We had no shortage of lads on site who wanted a go with our ThermaTech powerwasher. Even the cameraman – who knows full well that he can barely operate anything if it doesn’t have a lens – wanted a quick burst of ferocious hydro power.


Ultimately it was Lee who was trusted with it and got to work supersoaking the cobblestones and bringing out their true colour.

Powerwashing Close-Up

The cobblestones are a mix of red and blue stone, and were extracted from a courtyard in Salford earlier this year. They had previously been bedded with tar, and chipping off the existing hardened tar took up several days. Our crew had to ensure every stone was dressed cleanly. The drainage was repaired and restored and then a layer of a cement and sand mix was placed down. The cobblestones were then carefully placed down, but this time in an entirely new pattern.

What really needed to make them pop though, was a good powerwashing. The next step is to grout between the stones to keep them secure.


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