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UK restoration Services have recently completed the application of Traditional Lime Harling at St Oswalds Church Warton. This followed on from reconstruction and consolidation of the gable wall which had become unstable. The Church is over 600 years old and located 20 minutes north of Lancaster.

Traditional Lime Harling is a rough-cast wall finish comprising lime and aggregate, notable for its rough texture. We often find it on historic buildings such as churches & castles to protect the exterior stonework and prevent water ingress. Like other forms of lime render, harling provides both a weather protective and decorative coating.

The term ‘harling’ takes its name from the action of hurling wet mortar at a wall, as shown in the video. This method is still the preferred way to apply harling, however, modern technology allows for machine-spray application.

Our team applied 2 coats of harling 6 days apart, allowing time for the first coat to harden. Once the 2nd coat had hardened, we applied a lime wash to give the final decorative finish and provide an additional layer of weather protection. By using natural pigments, we could achieve a natural colour finish approved by the church.

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