specialist uk restorationsWe are a specialist UK restorations contractor providing conservation and rstoration services. At UK Restoration Services we work on listed status buildings, historic buildings and landmarks.

We have a team of highly skilled restoration specialists. Our team works on some of the UK’s oldest and most historic buildings and landmarks, completing projects for CADW, English heritage and various private contractors all across the UK.

The specialist UK Restorations team have over 20 years experience working on heritage buildings. Our vast knowledge and expertise allow us to provide a complete service from start to finish.

We have knowledge of all period building construction, characteristics of structures and nature of building materials appropriate for repairs. Our experience give us the ability to assess the condition of buildings, diagnose defects and recommend repair and/or maintenance.

The scope of restoration depends upon the need, and other circumstances, such as the status of the building, and the affordability of the work required. As a specialist UK restorations contractor we are able to provide a solution to meet the needs of the client.





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