Barn Restoration: Doors

Over the last year we’ve been working on a barn restoration deep in the Yorkshire Dales. You will have seen its progress in our 2021 Diary and perhaps our YouTube playlist. What was presented to us as a husk of a barn last winter, has evolved into a proud-standing structure. While it won’t be re-purposed as a barn, the brief was to bring it up to code as a standalone building. The final steps were done this last week and you can see our carpenter Lee giving you tour of the building in the video below.

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You may remember we had to erect a brand new truss, completely fabricated in our joinery workshop. That was during the hot 2021 summer, a far cry from the icy winds that our roofers endured in December. But we brave all conditions and a slanted roof was perfectly secured to the trusses.

But as spring came into view, so did the barn, as our carpentry team built new doors for it. Firstly, two parallel sides needed huge double oak doors each. These solid oak doors up to 12 foot high were made to look in keeping with the originals, entirely built at our workshop. One set also required a frame which needed fitting into a slanted doorway, which was not an easy task.

Barn In The Dales
Barn In The Dales

In addition to the two sets of double doors, there were six single doors which were also mostly built from scratch. A couple of side doors we were able to save and restore, but four brand new doors were secured to the front of the barn. A small square door was fitted to the north-western side where a small service door may once have been.

Overall this barn has come a long way from when we started excavations back in 2021. Devegging, trusses, raking out, pointing, new roof and those great doors. We’re very happy with the result and hopefully it takes pride of place for many years to come.

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