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We’ve got a lot of big projects on the go at the moment at UKRS HQ, which we’re really excited to bring you over the next couple of months. But that doesn’t mean we’re stopping doing what we do best: restoration and heritage work. We’ve got brand new sites in operation for 2023 in such beautiful places as Preston, the Forest of Bowland and Happy Valley itself, Hebden Bridge. Plus we’ve got plenty of jobs close to home and rolling over from 2022 to work on!

Burnley Chimney Repairs

Our lads restore a chimney in Lancashire

One video we did complete was a chimney teardown on a farmhouse on top of a hill in Lancashire. Windy, rainy, blisteringly cold; very challenging conditions for our brave team of two.

Callum chatted to the camera about the job… once he’d finished making friends with the friendly on-site dogs! The stone chimney had developed a leak after years of weathering and erosion. Our lads had to break down the chimney to determine where the leak was precisely and how to fix it. The old pointing was completely removed and the stones numbered with chalk, and laid to one side.

As they worked their way down the tiers, they found the source of the leak. The solution was rebedding the entire chimney with a brand new mix of sand and NHL5. The mix was two-and-a-half sand to one NHL5, with a handful of Calbux thrown in to help it stick.

Chimney Burnley

Rain + Lime = Delays

The weather did slow things down a little though. Pointing is never optimal in the rain as a wetter mortar risks undoing the work of the mix and rebedding. But even less ideal, stacking soaking wet stone on top of each other with wet mortar can and will lead to leaks, rendering the whole job pointless!

With the whole job slowed by bad weather, it took a few days to get it back up but the update is the chimney is now looking spot on, leaks fixed, fully rebedded and working like a charm. Good work, lads!

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