leaking slate roof repairsThis project involved the repair of a leaking slate roof in Burnley, Lancashire. The Stone Slate Roof on the Listed Farmhouse had been re-laid by a another contractor only 4 years ago. But due to poor workmanship the Stone Slate Roof was Leaking.

Our roofing team are experienced in all areas of roofing, Stone Slating, Blue Slating, Lead work, Tiles, Flat Roofs & Metal Roofs.

This Stone Slate Roof was leaking due to poor detailing with the lead work & ridge area. The breather membrane had not been lapped over the ridge and it was also missing a plastic ridge cap on top of the breather membrane. The lead flashing & soaker has dipped in the middle ridge area, this was allowing water into the loft.

The coping stones were removed from the roof line, then our roofers stripped back the existing stone roof slates. The stone slates had also been nailed in place, when they should have been pegged. When the stone slates are pegged with aluminium or plastic pegs it makes them easier to remove.

After stripping back the stone roofing slates, our team removed the lead soakers & turned up the lead flashing. Our Roofers installed a new plastic membrane to extend up the chimney side.

The Stone Roofing Slates were replaced by our roofing contractors. As they installed the stone slate they also installed the lead soakers. The Stone Slates were laid with the correct aluminium pegs.

Finally the coping stones were laid using a Lime Mortar mix. The Lime Mortar will also allow movement in the coping stones. All the new leadwork was treated with 2 coats of paternation oil.

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